Monday, April 9, 2012

Back in Buisiness....

I absoutely LOVE new things, wether it's clothes, house decor, or just changing up my schedule, new things are fun to me! Well, with that being said, we have ALOT of new things going on in the Smith household these days. Last time I posted:
  • Rydin was 5 months
  • Ry couldn't sit up 
  • Ry could barely stand up with help
  • Quinn was busy farming
  • My photography interest had just started
  • Things were good :)

  • Rydin is 10 months
  • Ry is walking EVERYWHERE
  • Getting into EVERYTHING
  • He can say 5 words and make great tractor & dirtbike noises
  • We've had a great winter/spring to spend lots of time with Quinn
  • Farming is quickly picking back up for Quinn
  • My little sis Hillary moved in with us :)
  • At Christmas I got my dream camera
  • I started a photography business
  • Things are even BETTER...
& here's why!

Rydin's got a surprise!....



SMITH BABY # 2 is on the way :)

So maybe now there's some understanding as to why I have been M.I.A. Atleast that's my excuse for the last 15 weeks! We couldn't be happier & are so blessed to have loving home and a growing family! 

Hope everyone's Easter was great yesterday! Mom, here's some pictures for yall!


               Check out his little blonde mohawk..haha have to work with what little we've got :)
 walking around looking for his eggs...
 At 1st he thought the pine cones went in his Easter basket too....
 Then he figured it out :)

 This is his "melts Mommy's heart" look:
 Happy Easter!!!
Oh & this wasn't easter but this is my new favorite picture of Rydin!
We love & miss yall!