Sunday, September 25, 2011

Off to a Slow Start... Obviously

 So i had this extreme first blog envisioned... Our life story, from the beginning...our families stories...100's of pictures.... and practically anything else you could think of, then i realised. i have a 4 month old & there ain't no way all that's happening. So I'll sum it all up in the little down time i have :)
 I moved to Idaho from the great state of Louisiana when i was 17. I had EVERY intention of hating it & moving home within the first 48 hrs... Needless to say, that was not the case. So here goes:
 When i turned 19 i started dating this incredibly genuine, attractive, Idaho farmboy.

He turned my world around. He was different. He was my best friend. The one i vented to about my problems, the one that learned everything there was to know about me, the good & the bad, & still loved me through it. The beginning was tough, not the typical scene from a movie where things just fall into place & everything is perfect. We had to work at it & hard. We are 2 different people, from 2 VERY different cultures, & 2 VERY different upbringings, but all in all, were just 2 country folks with the same goals, interests, & unconditional love. But after those best 2 [life-changing] years of dating came to a close, we started a new beginning.

7-30-10 Mr. & Mrs. Smith.
 Sealed for time & all eternity
in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple.
 That was the BEST day of my life! That was until....... 5/21/11 When our son Rydin joined our little family! Ya, we didn't waste ANY time :) When you're ready, you're ready. 


 The day that pregnancy test said(+) i fell so much more in love with Quinn. SERIOUSLY. You think you know the extent of love at marriage, but then you have a baby & realise that it just gets stronger together. I love seeing my husband in him every time i look at him. There's nothing better than knowing that the Lord trusted us to teach him, & be his examples.  And let me tell ya.. He is the happiest, most relaxed baby EVER. & i may be just a little biased.. but dang he is one goodlookin little guy (:  These last couple of  years have been AMAZING if i do say so myself!


  • Move to Idaho
  • Meet a Idaho farmboy
  • Marry that Idaho farmboy
  • Make a little Idaho farmboy
  • Make multiple little Idaho farmboys[&girls]
  • Grow old with my Idaho farmboy
 "People said it would never work out,
but livin our dreams, we shattered all doubt.
It feels good to prove em' wrong...
Just livin our love song"

So as of right now our family consists of Quinn, Me, Rydin, & our dogs: Chesney & Camo. We love our church, & are so thankful for the knowledge & testimonies of Christ it has helped us attain. Quinn teaches the 12 & 13 year old Sunday School class and I serve in the YoungWomens program in our wards youth. We are so blessed! I love this stage of my life right now. Starting a family and watching your love for each other grow is incredible. I'm always lookin forward to what's next...... many more tractor rides with the love of my life, lots more barefoot babies runnin around, & plenty of crazy life stories to blog about! Can't wait!

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