Monday, October 3, 2011

Decorating Never Gets Old

There is something about the way you feel when you make those little creative touches to your home, & there's nothing like showing your personality through decoration. I'm a southern girl but I LOVE some bling!.. So my house is a "Country/Elegant" mix. I LOVELOVELOVE takin old stuff and re-doing it to make something great! My mom has definetly been my inspiration & taught me pretty much EVERYTHING I know. If you know either of us, you know that even if we know we will only live somewhere for 3 weeks, that place wont have an empty wall a day later! & when either of us move to a new place, we stay up ALL night until our furniture is arranged and our decorations are up! (my husband dreads this...but he's learning!) MOM you wanted an update so... THIS IS FOR YOU :)
A little tour of our work in progress......

Welcome to Our Home:

Our Living Room:

The Kitchen-Dining Room:

Our Little Bathroom:

Our Babyboy's Room:


Laundry Room:

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